How to Report Suspected Elder Abuse

Every year, thousands of older and dependent adults suffer from abuse, neglect or exploitation. Adult Protective Services (APS) receives calls every day concerning possible abuse of elderly or dependent adults in our community. In 2003, Contra Costa County's APS responded to an average of 152 reports of abuse per month.

In Contra Costa County, the fastest growing segment of the population is the 85+ age group. Over the next ten years, the 65+ age group is expected to increase 37%; the 85+ segment is predicted to skyrocket by 55%. Experts estimate, however, that at least four times as many incidents are unreported as those that are reported and substantiated.

Call toll free (877) 839-4347

What Happens When a Report is Made?

  • A confidential call is made to APS with concerns about an elderly or dependent adult who is in immediate danger or at risk of being harmed. All calls to APS are confidential.

  • A trained caseworker responds to and investigates the report, assesses the situation and works to address situations of abuse, neglect or exploitation.

  • If appropriate, an intervention and support plan is developed using the least restrictive method of intervention. The client has the right to refuse any service or support.

  • APS works with family, friends, neighbors and community resources to help those who live in unsafe conditions or can no longer care for themselves.

  • Continuing to address the changing needs of the client is our goal.

  • If a request for APS is not considered appropriate, an intake worker is available for consultation or to provide information and referral services.

Chances are you know or will come across an elderly or dependent adult who is being abused, neglected or exploited by family members or others. Don't let that person and his or her caregivers suffer in silence. If you are concerned or suspect that someone you know is at risk of physical emotional or financial harm or abuse, call Contra Costa County Adult Protective Services. Make a verbal report by telephone as soon as possible to Adult Protective Services 24-hour response line, toll free (877) 839-4347. All calls are handled confidentially.

If the abuse occurred in a long-term care facility contact the Long Term Care Ombudsman at (925) 685-2070.