Pantages Bay

Project Description
The Pantages Bays Project consists of developing 292 detached single-family
residential housing units; a Sheriff Marine Patrol Substation; a public trail; and
associated roadways, pedestrian facilities, and utilities infrastructure. One hundred
and sixteen of these units would be water-oriented and would include docks. In
addition to residential development, the project would widen the portion of Kellogg
Creek immediately east of the project site. The proposed widening of Kellogg Creek
is cosponsored by Reclamation District No. 800 to reduce water velocities and
improve public safety in that section of Kellogg Creek. In order to proceed as
planned, the project requires approval of a General Plan Amendment, Rezoning,
Subdivision/Tentative Map Approval, Preliminary and Final Development Plan and
tree removal.

The project site is located in unincorporated eastern Contra Costa County
approximately 16 miles west of the City of Stockton; approximately 4.5 southeast of
the City of Brentwood; and 19 miles north of Livermore. The approximately 171-
acre project site is undeveloped except for several dilapidated residential and
agricultural buildings. The site is located west of the original Discovery Bay
subdivisions, at the eastern terminus of Point of Timber Road.

Documents and Resources
Final EIR
Draft EIR
Notice of Extended Public Review Period