Your Carbon Footprint

Your impact on the climate and global warming

Can one individual or family really make a difference in the fight to reduce global warming?

Absolutely! We all contribute to global warming every day and the choices we make really matter. The emissions we produce by driving our cars and leaving the lights on adds up quickly. The energy we use at home accounts for about a fifth of U.S. global warming pollution, according to the Environmental Defense Council.

To heGlobe on Leaflp you get started, the following free tools & resources are laid out in a two-step process that will help you:

  1. learn more about your household's impact on global warming, and
  2. identify ways you can cut your emissions to help fight global warming.

First: Measure your carbon footprint.

Use one of these free online emissions calculators to gain a better understanding about your household's greenhouse gas emissions (global warming pollution). Learning which aspects of your lifestyle cause the majority of emissions will enable you to focus on your life choices that have the greatest impact on climate and deserve the most attention. Some emissions calculators are more quick and easy than others, so you may want to try more than one. Most calculators estimate emissions resulting from how we consume energy and manage waste at home as well as the transportation choices we make; others account for energy use at work or which goods and services we choose. If you want the most accurate results, do a little research to gather your own real numbers (e.g. your recent electric, gas, and/or oil bills) and use one of the more detailed emissions calculators (e.g. Cool California Calculator or US EPA - Household).

Second: Be a part of the climate protection solution.

Explore actions you and/or your family can take to lower your emissions while reducing your energy and waste disposal costs, including simple changes you can make at home, school, work and/or on the road. The US EPA emissions calculator can also be used to estimate amount of emissions you could avoid for each action you choose to take, and how that amount relates to your total emissions. The Cool California Calculator, designed specifically for California households and businesses, will be upgraded in late Summer 2008 to include additional tools and links to help you reduce your GHG footprint.