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Tinker Bell/ Korra 

Tinker Bell (#A847536) , now Korra, was adopted 2 years ago and we received these cute pictures and happy update from her family:

"Hey CCAS! Love seeing the adoption updates! So I thought why not update you guys on Korra (Formerly known as TINKER BELL). We adopted her on July 23, 2016 at the Clear The Shelters event. She's an amazing ambassador for the bully breed. Such a sweetheart and so glad to have her be part of our home! Never have I met such a loyal dog, honestly she stole my heart seeing her at such a tender age of 7 months. I'm glad I adopted and not shopped, she now has her Fur-ever home here with us!"

We couldn't be happier to hear this! Thank you to her family for adopting a shelter pup, and for sending us pictures.

Tinker Bell / Korra - "She really loves being dressed up"


Shorty was adopted from our Pinole shelter last March and we just received this update from her family:

"Hello guys I just wanted to truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping these little souls find a happy home. 9 months ago I adopted "Shorty" from the Pinole shelter and she's truly been a blessing, she fills my home with nothing but happiness. I love coming home from work and finding her happy to see me. Now, as the holidays are coming, I'm eager to get my baby a sibling so I'm definitely going to be adopting again! Thanks again for everything that you've done and continue to do."

This makes us so happy to hear! Thank you to her family for adopting a shelter pup, and sending us such a sweet update. Love is adoptable at one of our shelters.

Shorty Before and After
Happy Shorty running on the beach

"Pepe' Le Pew" 

Last November I had to put down our old boy, Buster. He was my first dog ever. It was extremely hard but I knew it was time. He had had a good 14 years romping around on the planet and I was lucky to have him for half of that time. With a heavy heart, I brought some of his old blankets and toys to donate to the Martinez Animal Shelter. I did take a peek at all the available puppies with absolutely no intention of adopting that day. And then I saw him, 6.5 lbs of pure love and cuteness. His former name was Chance but I discovered he was quite a flirt and a little stinker, so he became Pepe' Le Pew. My husband and I love this little guy and he brings so much fun and joy to our home. He is best friends with our chubby boy kitty named Milo. Our girl kitty, Shanti, tolerates the immature boys and their silly games of tag. She sometimes even takes a nap with Pepe'. Just wanted to let you know how happy we are and thank you for all your hard work and dedication to all the animals you work with and save. 

Suzy & Jerry Whitney - Martinez

Pepe Le Pew Being Hugged by Owner

"Snowball" and "Oreo"

I adopted Wallace (now Snowball) as a companion to my rabbit "Oreo." When "Oreo's" friend, the hamster, died, he was very upset, so I thought a rabbit friend would help. I was right. Not only that, but "Snowball" is a friendly, loving little rabbit. Our cat, "Miley," loves to visit with him in his rabbit condo. He lets her clean his ears, and sometimes they just lay down next to each other and hang out. In fact, sometimes I can't get "Miley" to leave the condo. "Snowball" is friendly with everyone in the house, he even rubs noses with the dog (and she is not a small dog). He is such a delight. We are working on letting him roam about the house when we are home, but so far he is sticking close to his condo. "Snowball" is a messy little rabbit who throws his food around the floor of his condo (he always uses his litterbox, though). If his food dish is empty, we will hear him picking it up and dropping it on the floor to alert us. It makes us laugh to see such a fluffy, cute little guy being bossy. I have found with "Snowball" that cats and rabbits get along very well together and can be great friends. Thank you, Suzi, for rescuing and taking care of this wonderful addition to our family! I'm so glad we found you at the shelter the day we visited to look at the bunnies. 

Chris F.

Bunny Being Kissed by Kitty

"Whoopi's" Story

To the volunteers and staff of the Center: I have a love story to tell. On 6/17/1994 my husband and I adopted a high-spirited female, mixed breed dog from your Center."Whoopie" G. Cancel was her name. She died on 1/24/10 at the ripe old age of 16. I am not saying this just because she was "my" dog but she was the most incredible dog I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Almost everyone who met "Whoop" held a similar opinion. She was called "Whoopie," "Whoop" or "The Whoopster." We lived in Dublin, CA, when she was a pup. When we adopted her, she weighed 17 pounds and was about 6 months old. She weighed about 35 pounds most of her life.

As a pup, she was a self-taught "circus dog" in that, for the enjoyment of the kids in the neighborhood, she would jump, pivot in the air and catch tennis balls. She would run at full speed, fly into the air and land, balancing on the bird bath without knocking it over. She dove into a hot tub full of party guests. . .the list of her antics goes on and on.

She was also very sweet, staying next to and providing kisses and support to anyone sad or dispirited. And in 16 years she met a lot of humans that needed such kindness, including me. She stayed by my side, literally, after I had surgery and radiation for uterine cancer. For hours on end she'd be curled up and pressed against my abdomen. At any encouragement she would sleep with any guests that used our home as a refuge away from their stressful lives. She was with my Mom here in North Carolina when she passed.

"Whoop" enjoyed a full and healthy life. We are grateful that y'all took her in to your organization which then allowed us to bring her into our family. Please accept this contribution in memory of "The Whoopster" – the greatest dog who ever lived!

Most Sincerely, Kate and Hilton Cancel

Whoopie's Face