We have created a wonderful team atmosphere that is essential to providing a positive, loving, learning environment for children. We understand that parents are the most important people in their child's life and the relationship we build with you will benefit the growth of your child. We feel like a family here at Kids at Work, which is evident by the friendly hugs and smiles shared by children and parents alike. We appreciate the many comments about our "friendly teachers" and that is attributed to the quality and caring that is so important to us.

Each of our teachers has completed an extensive back ground screening process, including being fingerprinted and their security has been approved by the Department of Social Services. Prior to employment, personal and business references have been researched as well as a pre-screening here at Kids at Work. When a new teacher is hired, it is with a collaborative effort by me as well as feedback from current teachers who have observed their interactions with the children.

For more information, please call (925) 313-2380 or email Kids at Work.

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Ms. Michelle, Interim Director

Ms. Michelle, Teacher

Ms. Amie, Teacher

Ms. Aime, Teacher

Ms. Charesse, Teacher

Miss Charesse, Teacher

Ms. Misa, Teacher

Ms. Misa, Teacher