Byron Airport Hangar Waiting List & Application

Byron Airport currently has a waiting list for T-hangars and between hangar tie-downs. Tie-down spaces (no shelter) are available with no waiting list. If you would like to add your name to one of the hangar waiting lists below, please fill out the Hangar Waiting List Application (PDF) and submit it to the administrative office at 550 Sally Ride Drive in Concord, CA. You may also scan and email the application to Airports staff.

For a Virtual Hangar Tour of a County-owned hangar, please scroll under the lists below.

 Waiting Lists Last Revised: May 3, 2021

Byron T-Hangar Waiting List

Last Name
First Name
Place on the List
Adams Tim
Ajdari Shahrokh
Sidwell Albert
Pileggi James
Housely Craig
Ames David/Erica                                6
Birkenseer James J.                                7
Newman Katya & Robert                                8
Vlahakis Gregory                                9
Moltzen Jr. Allan R.                                10
Kohalmy Mark                                11
Elston Josh                                12
Knott Dustin                                13
Fassett Robert                                14
Grimes Mike & Amber                                15
Quayle/Quaylde John P./Azadeh A.                                16
Quayle/Quaylde John P./Azadeh A.                                17
Quayle/Quaylde John P./Azadeh A.                                18
Romiti Ronnie                                19
Hanks Cathy                                 20
Harrison Kent                                 21
Payne Craig                                 22
Allen John Ryan                                 23

Byron Between Hangar Tie-down

Please contact Airport Administration at 925-681-4200 for more information.