Equal Employment Opportunity Programs

Contra Costa County (the County) is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) programs. The County's Equal Employment Opportunity programs were established in 1972 and include a review of the hiring progress in each department, updates on the County's Advisory Council and provide employee assistance, consistent with the County's policy on equal employment opportunity.

The objective of the EEO Program is for the County's workforce (employees) to reflect the diversity of the County's labor force (Contra Costa County residents), which is based on the 2010 Census data. One way we achieve this objective is to select, develop and promote applicants and employees based on individual ability and job performance.

The County provides equal employment opportunities to all people in all aspects of employer/employee relations without discrimination. The policy of the County is to identify and remove artificial barriers to employment and promotion of members of protected groups which are consistent with the merit system. Aggressive outreach efforts are made to attract and assist members of protected groups to qualify for employment and promotion. The Office of County Administrator, the Human Resources Department and all departments of County government are proactive in making equal employment opportunity a reality throughout the County workforce.

Equal Employment Opportunity Officer

The Equal Employment Opportunity Officer is directly responsible for the development, coordination, implementation and evaluation of the Contra Costa County Equal Employment Opportunity Plan. The EEO Officer monitors and evaluates compliance with EEO laws, guidelines, and policies to ensure that our employment practices and contracting arrangements give equal opportunity to all without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, disability or any other protected group. The EEO Officer ensures that the work environment is free from discrimination and/or harassment and advises individuals and departments about perceived, existing and potential discrimination, harassment, retaliation and other potential policy violations through consultations and formal investigations.

Equal Employment Office Coordinators

All County Departments have Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinators who are appointed by Department Heads. Coordinators report directly to Department Heads and assist and advise them in carrying out the Equal Employment Programs objectives. The EEO Coordinators are liaisons to the County's Equal Employment Officer and act as a resource for employees in their respective departments.