Flood Control Division


The Flood Control Division (Division) is part of the larger team working on the mission of the Contra Costa County Public Works Department (PWD). We provide advisory comments to Contra Costa County (County) Departments regarding drainage aspects of projects within the unincorporated portions of the county.

In our Flood Control Division role, we work primarily with the Engineering Services Division making recommendations with regard to project environmental impacts, interpretation of County Ordinance Title 9, and conditions of approval for development.

  • We review and approve projects that affect County drainage easements, as well as private creeks under the County Ordinance Title 10.
  • The Division's consulting services to the other PWD Divisions are funded from fees charged for land development or as costs of capital improvement projects.
  • Projects within the unincorporated County that affect a Flood Control District Drainage Area or Flood Control Zone facility require us to act in both our Flood Control Division and Flood Control District roles.

Watershed Program Role

  • The Division enforces the provisions of the Stormwater Management and Discharge Control Ordinance (also under Title 10) to carry out the provisions of the County's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits issued by the San Francisco Bay and Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Boards.
  • The Watershed Program provides public education, inspects businesses for compliance with clean water regulations, tests water quality, removes pollutants from gutters and drains, and provides seed money to local private nonprofit environmental groups for enhancement of creek and riparian habitat.
  • Watershed Program activities are funded by special assessments on property in the unincorporated County area established under Stormwater Utility Area (SUA) 17.