Recreation Opportunities

Trail Use

The East Bay Regional Park District operates the Iron Horse Trail along the levee maintenance roads of the Flood Control District's Walnut Creek Channel. The trail is popular with commuters, cyclists, joggers, and walkers.

Currently the trail stops at Marsh Drive, just north of the junction with the Delta-De Anza Trail along the Clayton Valley Drain.

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The Park District and the Flood Control District share a common vision to extend the Iron Horse Trail three additional miles along Lower Walnut Creek to a future staging area along Waterfront Road at the District's Pacheco Marsh property.

The extension of this trail, however, is dependent on completing the planning for the Lower Walnut Creek Restoration Project.

The levees where the trail would likely be constructed are also likely to be modified as part of any restoration project. And any new pedestrian bridges that would be needed for a trail extension would also need to be constructed to be compatible with any new levees.