Solar Permits

Please Note:  Due to the high volume, applications for Solar Permits submitted after November 23rd, 2020 may not be issued prior to January 2021.

Residential & Commercial Roof Mount Photovoltaic Systems

All residential and commercial roof mounted systems (see section below for solar canopies) regardless of system size are now accepted on the ePermits Center

You will be required to upload your digital plans and other required documents to your online permit. Once your plans are approved you will be notified to pay the permit fees online and you will download your permit card and approved plans for the field.

Required files for each submittal:

Required files for Owner-Builders:

Expedited Residential Roof Mount systems less than 10kW

Systems that are flush roof mounted (no more than 10 inches above roof surface), up to 10kW and installed on the load side of the utility equipment distribution may be eligible for expedited permit processing.

Plan Templates for Residential Roof Mount Systems

For applicants who do not have their own standard plans for systems up to 10kW, we have plan templates available:

Residential or Commercial Ground Mount Systems and Solar Canopies

Prior to applying, please visit our Applying for a Building or Grading Permit page for information on the permit requirements and approvals you will need to have from other agencies to submit with your permit application. The permit application link is located on the Applying for a Building or Grading Permit page.

Required files for each submittal:

  • Complete set of digital plans - Follow the digital plan formatting requirements section below
  • PV System Checklist (PDF) for non-expedited residential projects

Required files for Owner-Builders:

Digital Plan Formatting Requirements:

  • Provide one multi-page PDF file 
  • 11x17 minimum page size, landscape orientation for residential roof mounted systems
  • 24 x 36 minimum page size, landscape orientation for ground mounted or commercial roof mounted systems
  • Drawings must be generated from drafting software (no scanned files)
  • Drawings must be drawn to scale
  • Each plan page must have an empty column 3.5-inch wide x 6 inches tall on the right side of plan pages to allow for county stamps
  • File must be unsecured to allow for approval stamps and comments
  • File must be named as follows: 123 Street Name – Plans
  • File size maximum is 100MB