How Karen Works For You

Supervisor Mitchoff sits on a wide variety of boards and commissions. They are a combination of internal County operations and others are more regional in nature. 

Standing Committees established by the Board of Supervisors:

Airport Committee

Finance Committee

Legislation Committee

Transportation, Water & Infrastructure Committee (TWIC)


Regional Committees and Advisory Bodies:

Association of Bay Area Governments :

  • Administration
  • Finance & Personnel 
  • Legislative & Government
  • Regional Planning (Chair)

Bay Area Air Quality Management District:

  • Ad Hoc Building Oversight 
  • Budget & Finance
  • Bay Area Regional Collaborative
  • Executive
  • Mobile Source
  • Stationary Source
  • Legislation
  • Ad Hoc

Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority (Chair) 

  • Personnel Committee

Contra Costa Transportation Authority

  • Planning Committee
  • Salaries & Benefits

Delta Conservancy Board (Chair) 

Delta Counties Coalition

TRANSPAC - Central County Transportation Partnership and Cooperation


Additional Boards, Commissions and Committees:

Pleasant Hill BART/Contra Costa Centre Joint Powers Authority Board of Trustees