Domestic Violence


The Domestic Violence Unit provides intensive supervision to misdemeanor and felony offenders convicted of domestic violence crimes. As a partner in the Alliance to End Abuse Initiative enacted by the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, Domestic Violence staff endeavors to reduce incidences of domestic violence in the county through early intervention with misdemeanants and felons.

Batterers Treatment Program

Domestic violence offenders are required to complete a 52-week certified batterers' treatment program. There are certified batterers' treatment programs in Contra Costa County which are certified and monitored by domestic violence staff.

Multi-Agency Committees

The Domestic Violence Unit represents the Probation Department on a number of multi-agency committees, including:

  • Alliance to End Abuse
    • Which focuses on victim outreach, community awareness, and the training of law enforcement officers.
  • Death Review Team
    • Which reviews domestic violence related homicides and the procedures and issues that may lead to a reduction in such deaths.
  • Delta Project
    • Which focuses on preventing violence among young boys through mentoring by adult men.
  • Domestic Violence Round Table
    • Which is a collaboration of deputy probation officers from several counties in northern California who exchange knowledge, information, and resources.