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Envision Contra Costa 2040 is a comprehensive review and update of the County's General Plan. The process began in late-2018 and the final document will be adopted in late-2022.

Public Input Opportunities

We encourage your input on this process. To provide input and learn more about this process please visit: https://envisioncontracosta2040.org

What is a General Plan?

State law requires each city and county in California to prepare and maintain a general plan. A jurisdiction's general plan serves as its "constitution" for decisions concerning land use planning and expresses a community's long-term vision for its future development. All decisions on planning matters (re-zonings, subdivisions, use permits, etc.) must be consistent with the adopted general plan.


Contra Costa County's Adopted General Plan

California Governor's Office of Planning and Research General Plan Guidelines

Envision 2040 Briefing Book

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