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Apply for a Census 2020 Outreach and Assistance Mini-Grant

Mini-grants between $500 -$3,000 are available for tax-exempt organizations:
Request for Proposal Guidelines (PDF)
Online Application Form

Request a Speaker at Your Meeting or Event

Would you like someone to speak at your meeting or event? Census staff is available for online events during the COVID-19 Shelter In Place. Please fill out our form.

Interested Parties Form

Receive email updates about Census 2020 in Contra Costa County. Please fill out our form.

How to Help as an Individual

Help ensure your community is counted for Census 2020. Learn more about how you can help

Attend a Regional Census Workshop

The County will be hosting a series of four Regional Workshops to better connect with our partners.
Find out more about the Regional Workshops, including copies of presentation.

County Grantee Forms, Resources, and Reporting

Training Video

All grantees are required to attend a training. During COVID-19 shelter in place, please watch the video below


Demand Form

Make sure the "Name" is the same name as the organizations name on your contract.
The first payment is 50% of your total grant. Please attach a copy of your training certificate(s) as proof of training.
The second payment is also 50% of your total grant. You will need to complete your final report:

Demand Form (PDF)


The following are the deadlines for reporting grant activities:

  • January 17
  • February 21
  • March 6, March 20
  • April 3, April 17
  • May 1, May 15
  • June 5, June 19
  • July 17, July 31

You may fill out the reporting template or submit an online event report. 

If you are reporting for more than one organization, please submit your all your Census 2020 activity to Contra Costa County using the reporting template. We will provide to United Way Bay Area and/or the Census Funders Collaborative:

Reporting Template (Excel)
Online Event Reporting
Final Report Form

Online Training for Phase 2 Grantees during COVID 19 Shelter in Place

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