Buchanan Field Runway 14L-32R Rehabilitation Project

Runway 14L-32R Rehabilitation, Phase 2:

Phase 2 is set to begin on or about Monday June 29th and is scheduled for 32 calendar days. Phase 2 will encompass the area of Runway 14L-32R east of the 1L-19R Runway. Aircraft operational impacts of Phase 1 are as follows:

  • Runways 14L-32R and 1R-19L are closed
  • Taxiways H, M, and N are closed
  • Taxiway A between taxiway J and Runway 1L-19R is closed
  • Taxiway B Between Taxiway J and Runway 1R-19L is closed
  • Taxiway L west of taxiway A  is closed
  • Taxiway C east of taxiway J  is closed
  • Runway 19R run up is only accessible by taxiway E
  • East Ramp is only accessible by taxiway J, so opposing traffic may occur
  • Construction vehicles will be crossing taxiway J near the base of the ATC tower.
  • Runway 14R-32L will only be available during ATC operating hours, currently 0800-1600 local.

Pilots should use extreme caution when taxiing during nighttime or after ATC operating hours and announce all movement on the common traffic advisory frequency (CTAF) 119.7.

14L-32R Phase 2

Runway 14L-32R Rehabilitation, Phase 1:

Phase 1 began May 19, 2020 and consists of pavement repair and replacement on runway 14L-32R west of runway 1L-19R. Aircraft operational impacts of Phase 1 are as follows:

  • Runway 14L-32R will be closed
  • Taxiway E will be closed between runway 14R-32L and runway 1L-19R
  • Aircraft access to Runway 19R is limited to Taxiway A only
  • Taxiway H and Taxiway M will be closed east of runway 14R-32L

Please note pilots should expect unusual or atypical taxi instructions and that Air Traffic Control approval of pilots requesting pattern work may be limited. Phase 1 is allotted 26 calendar days (excludes holidays).  

Runway 14L-32R Rehabilitation Project Phase 1

Runway 1L-19R PCC Rehabilitation, Phase 5: 

Phase 5 began May 4, 2020 to start the project due to material delays from the COVID-19 pandemic. Phase 5 consists of Portland Concrete Cement repair and rehabilitation to the ends of runway 1L-19R during night hours, 2200 to 0700 local. Phase 5 was allotted 12 calendar days and was completed on May 16, 2020. The aircraft operational impacts were as follows:

  • ALL RUNWAYS NOTAM CLOSED FROM 2200 to 0700 local time starting May 4, 2020

14-32 runway phase 5