Redistricting Maps and Data

Maps and Data

Current Board of Supervisors Map

View the current Board of Supervisors Map (PDF)

County Prepared Maps

County Releases Five Draft Concept Maps for Consideration (October 12, 2021)
View Draft Concept Maps (PDF)
Ver propuestas de mapas (PDF)
查看地图提案 (PDF)

DistrctR Online Mapping Application and Submission Portal

DistrictR is an easy to use online application to allow users to draw communities of interest, propose district boundaries, and submit written testimony. All submissions submitted via DistrictR will be part of the public record and considered by the Board of Supervisors.   

View Maps in Districtr Online Mapping Portal
You can comment on the map or use the map as a template for your own districting plan.
Puede comentar en el mapa o usar el mapa como plantilla para su propio plan de distritación.

Draft Concept 1
Draft Concept 2
Draft Concept 3
Draft Concept 4
Draft Concept 5

Community Input Maps

California Redistricting Data

Census Redistricting Data

Outreach Toolkit

Other Redistricting Resources

These websites and application provide additional resources for map and data specialists. 

  • Dave's Redistricting Application 2020 (DRA 2020)
    DRA 2020 is a free web app to create, view, analyze and share redistricting maps and includes a rich set of analytics, including measures of proportionality, competitiveness, minority representation, compactness and splitting. This is NOT the Contra Costa County online submissions portal. 

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