Reporting a Lost Pet

Using Finding Rover

Go to Register and upload an image of your pet.

Visit the Animal Services Shelters Bulldog

Visit the Animal Services shelter (Martinez or Pinole) nearest you as soon as possible. Bring a photograph of your pet and fill out a Lost Animal Report. If your pet was lost in the City of Antioch, be sure to visit the Antioch Animal Shelter, as they provide animal control serves for their city. It is very important that you come in person to look through the kennels at least every three days after filing a report. You are the best person to identify your pet!

Animals impounded without a current license are held three (3) full working days for the owner to reclaim. Animals with a current license are held ten (10) working days.

It is essential that you continue to personally check area shelters, as only you would be certain to recognize your pet. Do not give up too soon. Animals may wander for weeks before being rescued by an Animal Services Officer, or a well-meaning person may have held the animal for some time before turning it in.

Notify Neighbors

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Search thoroughly, especially in the evening, as many pets become frightened and hide in the daytime. Going door-to-door in your neighborhood may provide leads. Be sure to leave your name and phone numbers.


Don’t wait for the finder to advertise your pet as found. Place "lost" posters with a photo of your pet in the vicinity where the pet was lost - markets, schools, etc. Remember, it is against the law in most cities and counties to post on utility poles. Don’t forget to remove the posters when your pet is found.

Other Efforts

  • Enlist the help of neighbors and children in the area. A reward may generate more interest.
  • Check with local veterinarians. Injured pets may have been taken there.
  • Check animal shelters adjacent to your area. It is very possible for your animal to travel or to be carried into the jurisdiction of another animal shelter.