I Found Kittens

stray kittens

Thanks for looking out for the most vulnerable animals in our community! In most cases, kittens don’t actually need to be rescued—a kitten’s best chance of survival is with her mother. This flowchart will help you make decisions that increase kittens’ chances of thriving. To determine the age of a kitten, visit Alley Cats Allies kitten progression page. Follow these steps to help:

Step 1: Assess the kittens to confirm mom is providing care.

  • Are the kittens plump, clean, warm, and quiet? Mom is doing her job and likely just out getting dinner. It’s safe to leave her kittens in their nest. When kittens are 12 weeks old, they can be spayed/neutered at no cost through the CCAS Community Cat Program.

  • Are the kittens skinny, dirty, cold, or noisy? Mom might not be around. Time to help her out and intervene. Review our Finding Motherless Kittens document and advance to Step 2. 

Step 2: You’re a new foster parent! Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Visit https://www.kittenlady.org/kitten-care and Maddie's Fund for resources and guidance on raising kittens.

  • If kittens appear sick or injured and you’re unable to get them care through a local veterinary clinic, call 925-608-8400.

  • Can’t care for the kittens? Be a hero and keep kittens safe in a home by finding someone who can foster until they are old enough to be spayed/neutered and adopted.

For more guidance on helping community cats and kittens, click here.

See our Lost & Found Resources Guide.

PLEASE NOTE: We can only accept animals found within our service area of Contra Costa County, which excludes Antioch. If you find an animal in Antioch, please contact Antioch Animal Services.