I Found a Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Reptile


For all domestic animals other than dogs and cats, fill out a Found Other Animal report or search Other Animals Reported LostAnimals don’t know city limits, and it’s possible they may have been relocated from out of Contra Costa County. Check with other shelters in the area and visit our Resources page for additional hints and tips to increase the chance of getting your pet back home.

If you are unable to locate an owner, you are welcome to keep the found pet in your home, provided you file a found report, check for microchip/ID and make concerted efforts to locate the owner. If an owner does not come forward, you may be considered the legal owner per CCC Ord. 416-2.010 and after complying with applicable lost property laws in your jurisdiction. 

Additional Resources

See our Lost & Found Resources Guide.

PLEASE NOTE: We can only accept animals found within our service area of Contra Costa County, which excludes Antioch. If you find an animal in Antioch, please contact Antioch Animal Services.