Juvenile Unit


The Juvenile Division consists of attorneys and support staff who are responsible for prosecuting most criminal matters in which the suspect is under the age of 18.

These cases can range from minor infractions to the most serious felonies.

The trials are usually conducted in front of a Juvenile Court Judge or a Juvenile Court Commissioner.


Some of the duties of the Juvenile Division include:

  • Filing of all criminal charges which includes all felonies and misdemeanors
  • Determining the level of the charges to be filed (felony or misdemeanor)
  • Deciding, based on the type of crime and the circumstances of the offense, whether the matter will be prosecuted in juvenile or adult court
  • Responding to various motions and legal issues raised before, during, and after a criminal case
  • Obtaining orders for the proper restitution for victims of juvenile cases
  • Interviewing and preparing witnesses for trial
  • Participating in the operation of the County's two juvenile drug courts
  • Advising police on investigative issues
  • Instructing police officers on legal issues
  • Making sure a juvenile's legal and Constitutional rights have not been violated
  • Assisting the court in determining a reasonable and proper disposition (sentencing) of a matter