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Oct 01

A Dog Named Wanda

Posted on October 1, 2019 at 2:18 PM by Lori Calvery

Wanda the German Shepherd-2

This beautiful girl is Wanda. Wanda came to CCAS in April of 2018 and was described as nervous, timid and highly dog reactive. Wanda was a dog with a lot of potential, she just needed to work on building her confidence and being more at ease around other dogs. She quickly became a project of our enrichment team due to these issues and the potential she showed. 

To help Wanda succeed, our team utilized a range of measures to reduce her stress and improve her confidence, including visual barriers to cover the other dog kennels to help alleviate her stress, working on human and dog interactions, muzzle training and providing her with in-kennel enrichment activities to keep her sane in the kennel.

Wanda the German Shepherd-1

Over time, Wanda’s behavior steadily improved and she was ultimately adopted by her soulmate, a woman who was familiar with the breed and all of Wanda’s quirks. We were so excited to receive an update from Wanda’s adopter who reports that Wanda, now named “Rachel,” is doing fabulous and that she enjoys her home and her daily walks in the Presidio.  

Sep 03

One Stop Shopping at the Bay Area Pet Fair

Posted on September 3, 2019 at 1:48 PM by Lori Calvery

If you’re thinking about getting a new fur or feathered friend, you couldn’t find a better one-stop shop than the annual Bay Area Pet Fair, which gets underway at 10 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 14, at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton.

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Aug 01

Beware of Blue Green Algae

Posted on August 1, 2019 at 3:30 PM by Lori Calvery

A blue-green algae bloom is a buildup of algae that creates a green, blue-green, white or brown coloring on the surface of the water, sometimes occurring as mats or scum. They can occur at any time but are most common between June and September. Some species of blue-green algae produce toxins, so skin contact and ingestion can be dangerous. Children and pets are at the greatest risk of serious toxic effects from blue-green algae. Due to the recent identification of blue-green algae in Discovery Bay, we thought it would be helpful to share the following blog about blue-green algae from renowned veterinarian, Dr. Marty Becker. 

Contra Costa County residents seeking information on blue-green algae in our community can visit the Contra Costa Health Services Department’s webpage about blue-green algae by clicking here.