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Contra Costa County Redistricting - Communities of Interest Form

  1. Introduction

    State law defines a “community of interest" as "a population that shares common social or economic interests that should be included within a single supervisorial district for purposes of its effective and fair representation. Communities of interest do not include relationships with political parties, incumbents, or political candidates."

    One of the guidelines for drawing district boundaries is to learn about communities across the County. To the extent practicable, the County will aim to keep each community of interest together in a district. 

    Please consider using Districtr - an online mapping tool to submit your community of interest.

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  3. Correo electrónico

  4. Are you a Contra Costa County resident? *

    ¿Es usted residente del Condado de Contra Costa?
    你是否为 Contra Costa 县居民?

  5. What language do you prefer? *

    ¿Qué idioma prefiere?

  6. An identity can include the types of shared histories, values, and interests, as well as others. You may include demographic data about the residents of the community, information about the community’s history, and how this community currently engages with the political process.

  7. La identidad puede incluir los tipos de historias, valores e intereses compartidos, así como otros elementos. Usted puede incluir datos demográficos sobre los residentes de la comunidad, información sobre la historia de la comunidad y cómo esta comunidad participa actualmente en el proceso político.

  8. 身份可以包括共同的历史、价值观和利益等类型。你可以在身份中纳入关于社区居民的人口统计数据、关于社区历史的信息,以及该社区目前如何参与政治进程。

  9. You can define it by neighborhoods, streets, addresses, key landmarks such as a park, a City facility, school, church, or other boundaries.

  10. What are the geographic definers/boundaries of your community. Examples of definers/boundaries could be highways, roads, rivers, hills, or parks. 

  11. Puede definirla mediante vecindarios, calles, direcciones y sitios emblemáticos, como un parque, un edificio del gobierno, una escuela, una iglesia u otros límites.

  12. ¿Cuáles son los definidores o límites de su comunidad? Ejemplos de definidores o límites puden ser autopistas, carreteras, ríos, colinas o parques.

  13. 你可以通过社区、街道、地址、公园等关键地标、城市设施、学校、教堂或其他边界来定义具体位置。

  14. 你的社区的地理界限/边界是什么?界限/边界的示例可以是高速公路、道路、河流、小山或公园。

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