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1. When are secured property taxes due?
2. When are secured property tax bills mailed?
3. What should I do if I don't receive a secured property tax bill?
4. What is a supplemental tax bill?
5. Do I have recourse if I think the assessed value of my property is too high?
6. What is a Special Assessment?
7. If I cannot pay my current property taxes in full, can I make a partial payment?
8. Can I pay my delinquent taxes in installments?
9. Who may apply for the Installment Plan of Redemption?
10. How do I apply for the installment plan?
11. Is there a fee to apply for the installment plan?
12. Is there a minimum installment payment that must be made to open the plan?
13. Does interest continue to accrue while participating in the installment plan?
14. What happens if I do not keep my plan current or up to date?